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Why Your Skin Deserves Organic Skin Care Products

The trend towards an organic lifestyle is based on a number of issues that are shaping today’s society. Firstly there are concerns about harsh chemicals and additives that are being added to products, some of which have health implications for consumers. Secondly, for many ecologically aware consumers, organic products offer sustainable options that are simply kinder to the environment.

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This attitude has now seen many skin care companies offer extensive ranges of products that are both kinder to your skin and better for the world around us. So what are some of the great reasons to make use of organic skin care products?

Avoid Man-Made Chemicals.

Many mass-market lotions and skin care products contain parabens that have been linked to cancer, petroleum waxes, and even formaldehyde. This is a potentially toxic mix. It’s also slightly alarming to realize that many of these chemicals have not been tested for their effects when used in skin products. Your skin absorbs these harsh chemicals – so if you don’t want them in your body stay away from skin care products that contain them.

Artificial Fragrances.

Once again it’s a lack of guidelines and enforcement that is dangerous. Skin care products that simply state that they contain ‘fragrance’ may be dangerous. Recent research by the ‘Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in the U.S. indicates that many fragrances contain ingredients that can disrupt hormone balance and cause allergic reactions. That’s scary stuff, stick to organic products which don’t have the blanket term ‘fragrance’ in the list of ingredients.

Environmental Concerns.

These products are simply better for the environment. Although this isn’t limited to skin care products it’s true for them as well. Most organic skin care producers take extra care to use environmentally friendly (and recyclable) packaging – you should choose glass if you can. Organic skin care beauty producers also avoid synthetic components which may make their way into the natural world. What you use on your skin is eventually going to hit the water table and the damage caused by some of the toxic ingredients in skin care products can have a long-lasting impact on the Earth.

Proven Skin Nutrients.

Although many non-organic skin care manufacturers market their products as containing cutting-edge ingredients that are great for your skin the simple truth is that there are organic components that are tried and proven to be great for your skin and the world around you. Take for instance cocoa butter which is a proven moisturizer with heaps of fatty acids that rejuvenate the skin. Extracts of naturally occurring antioxidants like pomegranate seeds are great for your skin.

The bottom line is that organic skin care products are simply better for your skin, Mother Nature, and better for the people that share the planet with you. In most instances, they can also provide far better value for money than other synthetic skin care products so there really isn’t any excuse not to explore these environmentally friendly skin care options.

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